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The following repair price list includes both upgrade and repair prices for some products. In certain cases, it is cost-effective for the Timewave service department to upgrade a product while it is being repaired. The combined Repair + Upgrade prices reflect the benefit of the lower cost to the customer. All upgrades revise the firmware to the last production release. The repair cost in the table below covers diagnosis, repair, calibration and test. Cost of shipping back to the customer will be added to the cost of the repair.

Product Description Upgrade Repair Repair + Upgrade
DSP-2232 - See upgrade price list. $100 -
DSP-232 - See upgrade price list. Call / e-mail Timewave -
PK-232 Pre-MBX PK-232 to latest MBX upgrade. Includes MBX daughterboard, PACTOR, Gateway, GPS, and new operating manual See upgrade price list. $75 Upgrade price + $75.00
PK-232MBX PK-232MBX to latest MBX upgrade. Includes PACTOR, Gateway, GPS See upgrade price list. $75 Upgrade price + $75.00
PK-900 DSP daughterboard + PACTOR, GPS, Gateway $177 $100 $252
PK-12 GPS $40 $50 $60
PK-96 GPS $40 $50 $60
DSP-599zx - $59.95 $75.00 -
DSP-59+ - $45.00 - -
DSP-9+ - $45.00 - -
DSP-9 Call or email Timewave - - -
DSP-59 Call or email Timewave - - -


Please send a check, money order in U.S. dollars or Visa/MasterCard/American Express number with the unit when it is sent in for repair. If we do not receive a credit card number, a check or money order with the unit, repairs will delayed until payment is received.

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Repair Policy

Timewave Technology can provide repair services on most products built by Timewave and AEA since 1990.

AEA Products

Data products (Multimode data controllers, TNCs)
Timewave can repair many AEA data products. Our ability to repair these products is limited by parts availability and special test equipment to test the products. Timewave has a limited supply of AEA custom parts that we will use until the supply is exhausted. In most cases it is not possible or cost effective to obtain a new supply of custom parts.

Commodore Compatible Products
Timewave has few, if any, parts available for products like the MP-64, and Doctor DX, which were built for the Commodore computers. We suggest you consider updating to a PC-based system. Very low cost used PC equipment is readily available at ham swapfests and on-the-air ham swap nets.

AEA Antenna and Antenna Analyzers
The AEA antenna and Antenna Analyzer product line was acquired by AEA Technology of Vista, CA. Any service or upgrade requirements should be directed to:

AEA Technology
5933 Sea Lion Place, Ste 112
Carlsbad, CA  92010


 Note: The AntennaSmith is a Timewave Product.

Other products
AEA sold a variety of products over its 20-year history. Timewave cannot repair most of the non-data products because we have few spare parts, but we may have technical data on those products. Our working knowledge of the non-data products usually will be quite limited. Please inquire about specific products.

Products Damaged beyond Repair
All units which are damaged beyond repair (examples are lightning damaged, burned circuit board traces, and fire damaged) will be returned to the owner with a $40 bench charge and a letter stating the unit is not repairable. The letter will contain the manufacturer's suggested retail price and the model number of the current Timewave product that is functionally equivalent to the damaged unit. This information is usually required by insurance companies in order to file a claim for replacement of a damaged unit.

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Return and Repair Procedure

All units returned to Timewave for service must have a return authorization number (RMA) from Timewave. This includes both warranty and non-warranty items. If a unit is received without a return authorization number, there may be a delay in completing the service. The RMA helps us service your unit quicker and helps ensure that the unit does not get lost in shipping to Timewave. Call, FAX, or e-mail Timewave to obtain an RMA number.  You may also fill out an RMA Request here.

Voice phone: 651-489-5080

Service hours are Weekdays, Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM CDT.  (10-5 EDT, 7-2 PDT)
We are close weekends and holidays.

Packaging for Shipment to Timewave

  1. Print the RMA number on the outside of the box (example – "RMA 12100"). Include a copy of your physical return address (street address). UPS and FedEx cannot deliver packages to a post office box address.
  2. Include a daytime voice telephone number where you can be reached. If you are not available during the day, please include a phone number and the hours you are likely to be available.
  3. Include a list of all items enclosed in the package (cables, connectors, loose parts, etc.) Keep a copy of the list for yourself. Please write the date of shipment to Timewave on both copies.
  4. Include a detailed description of the symptoms.
  5. List any equipment (radio, computer, speaker, headphones, etc.) connected to the unit when it failed.
  6. List the software program and version number (PK Term, PK PakRatt II, Log Windows 2.0, etc.) used to run the unit when it failed.
  7. Include your payment (check, money order or Visa/MC information ) with the unit.
  8. Pack the unit in its original shipping container, if possible.
  9. If the original container is not available, pack the unit with at least one-inch (2.5 cm) of packing material on all sides of the units. Use shock absorbing packing material such as bubble wrap. Do not pack small heavy items in loose packing peanuts. They will move during shipping and may be damaged.
  10. Ship the unit to:
    Timewave Technology Inc.
    360 Larpenteur Ave STE 100
    St. Paul, MN 55113 USA

Shipping Method

Continental United States
Timewave prefers that you ship the products by UPS ground or U.S. Postal Service Prority Mail. Keep a copy of the shipment UPS Ground Tracking number or USPS Prioity Mail Tracking number. The shipment can easily be traced with that number. If you need faster shipping service, use UPS, USPS Priority Mail Express or Federal Express air services. You are responsible for all shipping charges to and from Timewave.  Timewave will return the repaired unit via insured USPS Priority Mail service unless otherwise specified.

Outside the United States
The best shipping methods vary considerably around the world. You must determine the best method for your location. You are responsible for shipping charges to and from your location. Timewave will return the unit via the method you specify, but it must be prepaid.

Repair Turn-Around Time
Typical repair time at Timewave is one to three weeks, plus time spent in shipping. Ground shipping in the continental U.S. takes from 1 to 7 business days, depending upon your location.

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